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 10/3/2008 1.2 German patch HOT fix 
Fix for the 1.2 German patch you can find here.
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 4/3/2008 SF:RU Patch v1.2 
Hello pilots,

Second Space Force Rogue Universe UK, US, Italian, French, German, Hungarian,
Spanish, Russian  patch 1.2 is out.

For Croatian version you must use UK patch.

"Za Hrvatsku verziju igre koristiti UK verziju zakrpe."

You can download it at this location.
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 2/14/2008 SF-RU in Croatia 

Dear community,

We are very exited and celebrating the fact that Space Force Rogue Universe shipped this week in Croatia!
That's right; it's finally out in stores in Croatia!

SF-RU je moguće nabaviti i u Hrvatskoj po promotivnoj cijeni na svim kioscima. Za desetak dana igra će biti dostupna i u Sloveniji, BiH, Srbiji, CG i Makedoniji. Uskoro će na kioscima biti dostupne i ostale dvije igre iz SpaceForce serijala. Posjetite hrvatski forum i raspravljajte o vašim omiljenim igrama.

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 12/3/2007 Swat portal 
The site offers interesting information and section about space simulation games like SFRU. For a space sim lover, it's a great way to stay tuned into space sim games and also read up interesting stuff on their favourite games.

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 11/6/2007 SF:RU in Russia 

Dear community,

SF:RU will appear in sale from 14 November 2007 in Russia. Publisher for Russian territory is Akella.

Also, an interesting Russian site Elite Games has a lot of useful information about Spaceforce: Rogue Universe.


Provox Games

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