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The history about these aliens is a tragic tale. It all began in the galaxy Portent, on the margin of unexplored parts of the universe. There existed a race of Zifars, known as wanderers. Their lifespan was incredibly long so they had been one of the oldest races of the Universe. Their biggest achievement was the creation of new species they named the Collective for they were created from a multitude of organic cells. The purpose of their creation was never known but it was believed that their intention was just to see what kind of life form can be created from a variety of organic structures. At the beginning the Collective were gigantic marvels but as they were somehow exposed to rapid streams of spatial anomalies, they started to transform. As they altered entirely, the Zifars were ashamed of their hideous appearance and withdrew from the area and abandoned them. At the same time the Collective felt sorrow and rage for being left all alone. From that experience they had learned they couldn't trust anyone. They lived as lone wolves and bred rapidly. Soon there were a throng of them and during the period of solitude they developed a high level of self-reliance and were able to communicate as one mind. They looked only after their own interests and were determined to build a great empire of organic structures with enormous hives as their main stations. But to get hold of the necessary materials, they had to attack other species and supply themselves with their organic samples. They spared no one for they had to think ahead and nothing could put their vision into disorder. They rushed violently on every race that they intercepted and nobody knew how they were able to sneak upon them and attack from distant range. Mostly those races were shocked because of their hostility and their dreadful threat.

The Collective had another plan: revenge against the Zifars for their act and to finally be at peace. They searched for years until they found them and the Zifars, knowing the reason they looked for them, tried to dodge their open fire but the Collective didn't want to give up not until they saw them dead. As the Zifars were dead so was their shame of being freaks of nature. Because of lust for justice, the Collective turned themselves into ferocious assassins that had only one intention: to exterminate all races in order to prevail among all areas of entire space.

Yah-An-Ras were peaceful beings until they met the Collective. The Collective knew how to trace them but didn't know how to catch them napping. The Collective fought wars against the Yah-An-Ra through thousands of years; sometimes Yah-An-Ras were defending themselves or tried to help other species that were under invasion. The Collective operated on few levels: at the same time they would attack through several systems and nobody could trace the source of open fire. Yah-An-Ras couldn't prevent attacks but, traveling through floats of time, managed to show up before the Collective would. The Collective were confused by their ability to appear in different time frames and space areas. Because of that they were mostly focused on Yah-An-Ras and tried to find a way to detect their movement and to replicate their skill in order to finally destroy them. But so far they had no luck.
The Ords were invading several systems and hunted many as their prey but now they were in the same position like the rest. They were surprised by this act and mainly focused on how to survive. Although they never escaped from the battlefields, the Collective crushed their strength and slaughtered the best ones among the Ords. As only a few dozen of their battleships were left, the Ords fled away for the first time. This was their biggest sin and disgrace and so they tried to put the memory of this tragedy into oblivion. But the Collective never stopped with their invasions and never will. Not until they're all vanished in a flash of merciless combats.


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